Whatsapp, Telegram New Security Features

Whatsapp and Telegram Messenger rolled out few new features to its users. As We all know both messegers have billions of users world wide. Whatsapp recently added new new privacy feature for users to prevent adding them from groups. This update prevent adding our number to any group, to add our number to a group admins need permission from us.

As we all know telegram a popular messenger platform which is very popular worldwide. Telegram claims its worlds secure messenger platform. Telegram focus on speed, security, and privacy. Telegram messenger works cloud so we can easily access telegram via multiple devices same time. Most of us using telegram, most of us using it for privacy, few people using it for piracy. Lets talks about Its Privacy.

Whats new on latest telegram security update. Telegram published a blog post Taking Back Our Right to Privacy lets see whats new in it.

We can easily delete any messages we sent or received from both sides in any private chat. The messages will disappear for both you and the other person – without leaving a trace. Another feature which introduced was Anonymous forwarding feature.