Sim Validity Recharge Offer

As per the offer limitation that added by Vodafone, Idea and Airtel from October 2018, mobile services, including including outgoing and incomming calls are available only if recharge of any service validity plans. Most of us using more than one sim so Here few solutions for you.

In order to maintain our sim validy we need to recharge atleast for RS:35 Plan which will valid only for 28 Days. After 28Days out going calls will be cut for 15 days( incoming calls and messages available at this peroid), Then After 15 Days both both incomming and outgoing will blocked for 75 Days, after that Service provider can disconnect our sim, and we lose our number.

How to Avoid this? At this time First Solution is to do a sim validy recharge of Rs:35 and extend validy, because most of us allreday have passed first 15 days.

Second Solution: Do recharge for 35 we wil get 28 Days validity for our sim. After 28 days agin we get 15 days incomming free, so Do recharge at 14th day.

Third Solution: Porting to another network like BSNL, First Send PORT message sometimes the customer care contact you and you may get special offer without porting to another network.