The Bad Sides of Wi-Fi

We all are familiar with Wi-Fi right? Wifi is one of the most important tech invention in this moderan age. Most of us using wif in our home, work places, or in public places too. It’s the wireless networking standard that help us to connect with internet, data tranfer without conventional cables. WiFi help us a lot. Wifi networks can operate over short and long distances, can be secured, or open and free.

Wireless routers such as Bluetooth and similar wireless systems generate electromagnetic radiation in the low-gigahertz frequency. This level is considered harmful for humans. WiFi radiation does not affect us suddenly. So most of us ignore it allwsys.

The Radio Frequency signals from cell phones, as well as Bluetooth and WiFi Routers, are considered nonionizing forms of radiation. Which means these radiations does to affect our DNA. But some research suggests that nonionizing radiation can have measurable effects on living organisms.