Simple App to make WhatApp Chat Easier

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messenger applications that used world wide. It makes communication as simple. . However, it can be somewhat annoying that in order to message someone, you always have to first add that person in your address book, but there are so many occasions where you just want to communicate with someone for a couple messages and nothing else.

Now you can send WhatsApp message to anyone who is not in your phone’s contacts. You can do it in two different ways which we are gonna see in this answer. Let’s get started. There are many Apps that helps us to open and number in whatsapp and we can easily message them without saving their number in our device. Today I’m Sharing A Simple App to open Any Number in WhatsApp Chat. This is a simple and lite app size less than 100Kb.

This app Available for Android on Playstore. I have added the link to get this app. This app was named Click to Chat (Previosly named as Open WhatApp). Open WhatApp