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Kattilum Kaserayum Aka Panchali Graham

Kattilum Kaserayum, This huge cave is located in a forest near Venmani, Vannapporam, Thodupuzha. This cave located inside forest area, and the cave has almost 1KM wide, and it has several open ends too. Kattilum Kaserayum also known as Pangako Graham.

This spot highly recommended for adventure travelers who are just tired of the constant journeys, this place offers a great trekking experience and a cave experience that you have never experienced before. With the permission of the Forest Department, come here only with an experienced guide. There are many wild animals, including elephants, which can lead to danger.

Travelers those who coming from Muvattupuzha, Thodupuzha, traveled 13 km from Vannappuram and reached Venmani. Idukki is the second largest district in kerala by area and it has the lowest population density. Idukki has a vast forest reserve area; more than a half of the district is covered by forests.

The urban areas are densely populated whereas villages are sparsely populated. Idukki is also known as the spice garden of Kerala. Iddukki has lot of tourism attractions, Dams etc to enjoy.