WhatsApp upcomming features

WhatsApp a messenger, voip application that used by miilions of people world wide. This app is owned by facebook. The app allow usrs to send text messages, Images, voice calls, video calls, documents etc. Whatsapp regulary tring to add new features for improved user experence. In this post we are disscussing about whatsapp’s latest features.

New WhatsApp features coming soon

New Group Invite Feature: As per the information we got, in latest update users can control adding unwanted group invites. Users can easily prevents unwanted group invites. WhatsApp users will have to take your permission in order to add you in a WhatsApp group, which will be a helpsfull for many of us. This feature first comming to ios phones.

New Security feature for Chats

Another feature that comming was new security lock for chats, which will help users to enable fingers print, face id to acess chats. This features also available only for IOS right now, hope this feature comming soon in Android too.