Find Silent Phones Easily

Most of us keep our smartphone in silent mode when we are in home, to avoid hundreds on notification sounds. If you misplaced your smartphone in silent mode its very difficult to find it. After reading this post you will save more time. In this post im suggesting two best ways to find your silent phone easily. Check the simple ways to find your misplaced Android phone even when it’s on vibrate or silent mode.

First Method: Using Find my Device

Many of us allready know this feature called find my device which is available on all android operated smartphone. This feature mainly used to locate our lost phone in case of theft but we can use this feature to find our silent phone too. First sign to our google account from a pc and Find My Device page and choose option to ring. This helps to find our silent phone,  But  we need a pc and internet connection need to use this feature from our google account.

Clap to Find

Second Method is more easy and practical. We just need and app called Clap to Find on our device this app helps to find our silent phone easily. This app doesnt need internet connection to find our device. We can easily find our silent smartphone with three simple claps. Quickly clap 3 times to configure and get started. When we clap phone detects our sound and ring, flash light or vibrate etc. This app available on google play