Best Malayalam Web series of 2019

Most of the youngsters now a days watch at least one web series online. As per the reports, online media consumption has increased drastically in the past years. In 2019 most of the tech/ content companies growing faster than ever. Here are a few popular web series that released in 2019.

01 Karikku Plus Two Class

Karikku Malayalam Webseries

First, and most popular web series in Malayalam. Karikku one of the most followed content brand in Malayalam. It started in 2017 and growing. Karikku the most popular content creator in Youtube in the Malayalam language. Karikku has a huge fan following, karikku is one of my favorite series in Malayalam. Hope yours too.

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02. I Promise RIA by Saina Movies

Most of the web series that came after Karikku tries to follows karikku and try comedy. Here I promise ria stands different. I promise ria tries to convey a series story, the story of three friends friendship, romance, and family, Starting from their family childhood flashback and continue with school life. Total of seven episodes released so far.

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03 Janaki By 11th Hour Productions

Janaki an Entirely different web series in Malayalam, with only two episodes released so far. The story tells about the life of Ram and Janaki, the first episode ends with thrilling suspense. Making and background score also good. Actors also performed well but struggling to get more reach.

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04 Alambanz

Alambanz Malayalam web series

A comedy focused webseries, it very popular series after Karikku. The main characters in Alambanz also appeared in Karikku’s Thera Para episodes. Fully fun-packed series. Lead casting performing well, but need improvements in making too.

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05 Double Decker by Flowers Tv

Looks like comedy focused subject but crafted well. A total of eight episodes of Double Decker released on YouTube as of now. Few of characters in this series have seen in few Malayalam movies too.

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