Simple app that add More Features to Whatsapp

Today we are sharing a simple app that provides extra features to whatsapp. Normalyy in our daily life we use WhatsApp more than 10 times per hour approximately. Because WhatsApp is playing important role in our day today life. We use this app for improve our business, productivity, studying, chatting, passing our free time, sharing important data with friends and much more.

If you use WhatsApp which i am sure you do, then this app is a must have for your phone because this has all the exciting daily use features that you need to enhance and level up your experience with this all in one app. This app offer a bunch of usefull features like Status Saver, Bubble chat, Shake to open Whatsapp.

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It also help us to clean junck files from whatsapp, this app able to save status from our friends.Shake your phone to open whatsapp. This app available for android you can download it from (app link) google play store.