Is parle G Cover Girl Real??

No matter how broke you’re, Parle G biscuits is a savior! If you’re hungry, nothing can match a cup of piping hot chai with Parle G Biscuits. And even though the quality of cover has changed, the design has not changed much. There were a lot of reports that claimed that the girl on the packet is Neeru Deshpandey from Nagpur. However, a few days ago a post on Quora had a user who actually asked who the Parle G kid actually is.

Recently the authories of Parle G has responsed to the news the statement says: You must have read the stories that Parle-G girl is actually Niru Deshpande and she’s 60 now, but that’s not true! The Illustration of this girl was made way back in 1960 by Everest Creatives.

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